About Us

We are a cross-disciplinary network of psychotherapists who share mutual concerns about social justice issues, especially about the culture of war and repression in the United States.

After the events of 9/11/01, about 15 licensed clinicians began a conversation, prompted by their individual and collective responses to war, terrorism and their personal commitment to peace and social justice issues.  A core group of five therapists decided to continue the dialog, forming what has become Therapists for Peace and Justice.

Now numbering 150 members, TPJ continues to be a forum for addressing our concerns as individuals, therapists and supervisors. Over the years, we have convened in a variety of ways, including informal monthly meetings, public presentations and lectures, study groups, continuing education workshops, participation in peace marches and educational projects to inform colleagues and the public about our concerns.

Our community has evolved into a mutual support network that includes social gatherings, such as alternative July 4 picnics, “movie nights” where we view films and documentaries followed by stimulating discussions, attendance at political comedy performance to help us keep our sense of humor and perspective during difficult times and other activities.




 Activities of TPJ:  

  • Continuing Education & Workshops
  • Peace Activism
  • Electoral Activism
  • Legislative Action

 Benefits of membership:  

  • Clinical Consultation
  • Study Groups
  • Mutual Support
  • Activities of TPJ
As a community of activist therapists, we are perhaps best known for sounding the alarm to the psychtherapeutic community and lawmakers about how the USA PATRIOT Act* not only curtails civil rights, but also destroys therapist/client confidentiality in the name of national security.  We have also addressed the clinical issues that impact military personnel and their families during this time of war.

This website contains an archival history of our work, including articles and essays that we have published over the years.  Our list reflects the creativity and hard work of a small group of committed individuals.  Be inspired. Take heart.  We invite other mental health professionals to bring your energies and talents to join the work. 

* Acronyms are common in government legislation, but consider the work it took to design the commonly used title of the bill "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism."

Since capitalization is generally recognized on the Internet as a way of communicating inflammation, the outrage in response to this legislation is fitting. The term USA PATRIOT Act actually hides the anti-patriotic nature of this bill. We prefer to borrow from the style of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which eliminates the term “patriot” altogether by using the acronym USAPA, but for informational purposes there are places on our website where the government's acronym is used.


 Kathy Anolick, MFT 

12/25/52 - 08/16/09

• Colleague • Friend •
• Activist • Teacher •
• Role Model • Inspiration •

Kathy's life enriched us all.
We are grateful for the time
we were blessed to know her.
She embodied courage in pursuing
difficult truths, an impressive clarity
in the way she expressed herself,
and a down-to-earth kindness. 

We can only hope to
carry forth Kathy's dedication to
peace and justice with the grace
she brought to the work.

Obituary about Kathy published in the San Francisco Chronicle on 08/19/09: